Character Creation

As detailed in the House Rules section, all characters begin with the Heroic Expertise feat in addition to whatever feat choice(s) they might otherwise make.

Aside from that, character creation should proceed as indicated in the Player’s Handbook. Another excellent resource for character creation is the Character Builder from D&D Insider. The demo version will allow you to create 1st level characters, with a great deal of the difficulty and looking up of everything in various books removed.

Speaking of books, the following resources are allowed:

  • All available books (Arcane Power, Martial Power, etc. etc.)
    • Players will be allowed some leeway in changing/adding to their characters as new resources are released that affect their class
  • Dragon and Dungeon magazines, Including:
    • The Revenant race
    • Psionics and Monk playtest classes
    • Hybrid Playtest rules

1st level characters have 100 gold to spend on adventuring gear, but if you need a small amount of additional gp (5-10ish) then feel free to “fudge” your starting gold.

All characters should be accompanied by a background story (it doesn’t have to be especially long, but if you want to go in depth with it, go for it, I’ll enjoy reading it) and a couple short blurbs describing the physical appearance of your character and his/her mannerisms. The Myth-Weavers 4E sheet has entries for all three of those.

Once you’re finished with your character sheet (however you decided to complete it) make sure you put your character together on Myth-Weavers. More information on this step can be found in the section on Play-by-Post gameplay.

Character Creation

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