House Rules

Heroic Expertise—This House Rule involves the Expertise feats. Players familiar with the mechanics of D&D 4E probably know that, in contrast to 3.5, AC is now probably the hardest defense to actually hit. Additionally, monster AC tends to scale faster than a player’s ability to hit that AC. To remedy this issue, WotC implemented a series of “Expertise” feats for the various weapon and implement classes that give an attack bonus that scales based on character level.

The reality of these feats is that they aren’t a particularly excellent solution. Players have to burn feat selections to get the bonuses, which is particularly irritating for characters where you need to take multiple expertise feats because you have an implement and a weapon, for example. Not to mention you’re using up feats to give yourself the same chance to hit you may have had before scaling issues.

With that in mind, players in this campaign will receive the following feat at level 1 (in addition to their normal feat choices):

Heroic Expertise: You gain a +1 to attack rolls with any power you use through an implement or weapon. This bonus increases to +2 at 15th level and +3 at 25th level.

Naturally, this means you cannot take any of the weapon/implement expertise feats.

“Emperor Elidyr”—This House Rule is a purely cosmetic change. Vestige Pact Warlocks have a Vestige known as King Elidyr. Elidyr is the Vestige of the last king of Nerath, but as Nerath is an empire in this setting, I felt like it would be better to change the name of the Vestige to “Emperor Elidyr.” Mechanically it has no significance.

Story Awards—At certain pre-selected points (some will no doubt coincide with Extended Rests), players will have the opportunity to earn bonus experience points. First, they will have an OOC vote for players to select the person among them who rocked the house the most since the last vote. Criteria could include who contributed the most during combat, who had some of the best roleplaying moments, etc. The elected player will receive 100 XP OR 1 additional Action Point (at the player’s discretion). In the event of a tie I will use my discretion to select a winner/winners (sometimes a tie is a tie for a reason).

At the same points, players will have the opportunity to earn the same reward (100 XP or 1 additional Action Point) by submitting a journal entry via PM or on this Wiki. Players can receive both awards simultaneously, so a player might receive a maximum of 200 XP at each of these points.

Note: This rule was inspired by zero’s similar rules for his Shackled City campaign.

Character Races—Not so much a “rule” for character races, but rather a few guidelines. In Nerath-That-Was you can stick with the standard Warforged origin, or instead have your background be based in the artifice of Twicksbaerg. Naturally, those aren’t your only options, but the craftsmen of the Clockwork Kingdom are good enough to have made a few unique specimens. Generally speaking, any character race is acceptable, provided your character background includes a sufficient explanation of his origins. Your Human or Eladrin character’s presence in the heroic band will probably require significantly less justification than an Orc, Goblin, or Drow. Even playing a generally good aligned race might require a little explanation. Kalashtar, being native to Eberron, are something of a rarity in Nerath-That-Was. To reiterate, though, if your background justifies your presence, no worries.

House Rules

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